News Here you can find current info, event notes and other news.

Here you can find current info, event notes and other news.

27.01.2021Price for the best Master’s Thesis goes to Deborah Kracheletz

Miss Deborah Kracheletz, graduate in Food Technology and Biotechnology, received the price of the mayor of the city of Freising for the best Master’s Thesis in the field Life Science Engineering in the academic year 2019/20. You...[more]

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07.01.2021New publication on the optimization of hollow fiber membranes

In the article entitled "Optimizing the Axial Resistance Profile of Submerged Hollow Fiber Membranes," the method of optimal control is used to predict the resistance profile of  hollow fiber membranes which...[more]

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18.12.2020Season's greetings from SVT 2020

We have created a new Season`s greetings video.[more]

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14.12.2020Award for excellence in teaching for Heiko Briesen

Heiko Briesen is honored with Bavarian Prize for Excellence in Teaching. We are happy and thankful for the recognition of our efforts in high quality teaching.[more]

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10.12.2020New Publication: Capturing Crystal Shape Evolution from Molecular

A simple and efficient algorithm for tracking shape evolution of small-molecule organic crystals during molecular simulations is described. No information except the unit cell parameters is needed beforehand, making it feasible...[more]

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29.10.2020Our colleague Mathias Hilmer was awarded with the price for outstanding scientific work.

We congratulate our colleague Mathias Hilmer, who has been awarded the prize of the “Weihenstephaner Milchwirtschaftler, Bio- und Lebensmitteltechnologen e.V.”  for outstanding scientific work for his master's thesis...[more]

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02.10.2020New Publication: A novel method for assessing the coating uniformity of hot-melt coated particles using micro-computed tomography

This study presents a new method for identifying and quantifying factors influencing coating uniformity of hot-melt coated particles. The proposed method facilitates the determination of coating-thickness distribution and...[more]

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