08.05.2022 22:00 Age: 147 days

New Publication: Delamination and wetting behavior of natural hot-melt coating materials

Category: Allgemeines

Read until 06.25.2022: In order to achieve a defined product behavior, the coating of particulate solids is an often used process in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Previous studies showed that delamination of the coating layer occurs frequently in hot-melt coating products [Mueller et al. 2018; Woerthmann et al. 2021]. Therefore, the successful use of natural coating materials requires a detailed understanding of the delamination and wetting behavior. In this work, the delamination frequency was investigated the first time via laboratory coating experiments and via micro-computed tomographic measurements with different material combinations. In addition, the wetting behavior was investigated using a drop shape analyzer. However, a correlation between delamination and wetting behavior was not found.