25.05.2022 16:40 Age: 250 days

„Best Poster Award“ of the ProcessNet Subject Division Extraction

Category: Allgemeines

At the Annual Conference of the ProcessNet Subdivision Extraction, Phyto-Extracts, and Membrane Technology from 23rd to 24th May 2022 our colleague Verena Pannusch received the “Best Poster Award”.

Her contribution entitled “Extraction of hop aroma using supercritical CO2 – Application of mathematical modelling for systematic processing” originated from a cooperation with the TUM Associate Professorhip of Biothermodynamics by Prof. Mirjana Minceva.

Co-authors of the work are M. Sc. Lukas Viebahn, Prof. Dr. Heiko Briesen, and Prof. Dr. Mirjana Minceva.